Some Of The Services We Offer.

Adda Roofing offers services to custom fit your needs.

We specialize in all phases of residential roofing services; from roof repairs to reroofing, from maintenance programs to complete roof overhauls. Adda Roofing is dedicated to serving your needs in a timely manner with an emphasis on quality craftsmanship as well as a commitment to customer service excellence. We pride ourselves on being a “one-stop contractor” in the roofing industry.

New Roofing

The process of recovering or replacing an existing roof covering. Roof Recover: The process of installing an additional roof covering over a prepared existing roof covering without removing the existing roof covering.


When the roof is leaking, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need a new roof. Sometimes roof repair is all you need. Repair can sometimes extend the life of your roof for a few more years, or at least until you are ready to replace your current roof.

Roofing Repairs

Emergency roof repair includes services to shore up structural damage to your roof and seal up roof leaks to prevent further property damage. Likewise, it could include an emergency roof tarp if you need a relatively short-term solution.

Emergency Calls